Monday, October 1, 2012

Burlap Pumpkins-Burlap Project-Month Nine

I actually made these last month, and it was so hard not sharing them.
First you need some burlap, of course :) You need to start with a rectangle piece, double the height to get your length. This pumpkin used a 8"x16" piece. The smaller pumpkins used a 6"x12" piece.

Now, using a sewing machine, stitch all of the edges with a zig-zag stitch. This will help keep the burlap from fraying. Next fold your burlap piece into a square and do a straight stitch on the sides shown below.

Now turn your burlap piece right-side out.

Fold the bottom as shown below and stitch.
Now you can add some stuffing!
Next you will need to do a basting stitch. I used embroidery floss and a stretched out bobby 
pin for this job.{Didn't have a long needle so I improvised.} Yarn would also work well.

Now pull the embroidery floss and tie up.

This part is a little hard to explain and photograph...Take your embroidery floss and long needle{or bobby pin LOL} and stick it through the top of your pumpkin and out the bottom. Then back up the bottom and through the top. This will help shape your pumpkin. Tie
Now onto the stem!
I used a 3"x3" square of brown felt.
 Fold in half and do a straight stitch up the side and bottom. Leaving the top open as shown.

Now turn your stem right side out, add your stuffing, then sew it up.
I used a leaf cut out and pinned in onto some green felt, then cut it out. Aren't they so cute!

Now you just have to put all the pieces together. I used a hot glue gun to put the stem and leaves on. 
I also added some orange ribbon to the stem.


  1. adorable, proud of you for getting into the sewing machine. I have been looking into some classes to take. =)

  2. Very cute, Stephanie. What a lovely fall project!


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