Saturday, December 15, 2012

Burlap Project- Burlap Bag for Wine Bottle

Hello! I have been super busy making Christmas cards and gifts. I am waiting to show most of these until after the recipient receives them...Don't want to ruin the surprise...
I am able to share this super easy burlap bag I made to hold a bottle of wine. 
 Supplies you need.
*Sewing Machine
*Burlap (or fabric of your choice)
*Bottle of Wine
That's it!

First start with a piece of burlap that is 221/2" x 8"
Fold it in half then sew up each side (where you see the cute magic wands) 

Once you're done sewing turn your bag right side out.

Now you can put the bottle of wine in and it tie up with your ribbon. 

I added these along with some yummy chocolates and my Christmas Tag Gift sets and made gift baskets for some clients of my husbands.

1 comment:

  1. What simple yet beautiful gift baskets. I can also see your Christmas tree in the background! Here's hoping all that crafting gets done before the big day.


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