Monday, September 2, 2013

3D Flowers - SVG Cuts - Cricut

I purchased a 3d flower bundle from SVG Cuts because my mother-in-law wanted some little flowers on all the tables at her wedding. You can see the other things I made for the wedding here and here. These flowers were a big hit and super easy to make. SVG Cuts even has a video to walk you though building your flowers, which is super helpful. I only made three of the pictured flowers and then made up two different ones.

 The bride wanted some Ranunculus since they were going to be part of the bouquets. I was able to make them using one of the petals in the Camellia flower that came in the same 3D kit. If you have this kit it would be the petals 4 file. Below is a screen shot showing the dimensions and number of petals I used to create the Ranunculus.

After I cut out all 11 flowers I rounded and curled each petal using a stylist.

Then, starting with the largest flower, I - offset, layered, and glued.

Its coming together! See all the layers!

That's all there is to it! Super simple and gorgeous.





These flowers were made using the petal in the Daffodil file.

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  1. Beautiful, Stephanie! I thought the flowers you made for the wedding were beautiful and these are much the same. The papers and colors are vibrant and really add to the look. I'm looking forward to what you might do with all those flowers...


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